Focused care for injury, illness and functional decline

LifeCare’s Therapy Team has advanced training in geriatric rehabilitation to meet the needs of patients whenever rehabilitation is indicated. Our one-on-one model of care and dedication to quality service has expanded the concept of traditional therapy to include: 

Mobility & Functional Restoration:  

LifeCare will evaluate  and address the physical, functional and environmental barriers that impact mobility and develop an  individualized  program to restore function. 

Activities of Daily Living: 

ADL Assessment will include recommendations for adaptive equipment, energy conservation, pain reduction, activity or task simplification and ways to improve safety in the home.

Health Literacy for Self-Management: 

Managing chronic conditions involves learning specific health-management skills. Our Team will help transfer medical recommendations to practice and ensure consistent and correct carryover into the home.

Home Assessment:  

LifeCare will offer practical solutions to the patient and family to help maximize safety and function within the home and reduce the risks for falls and injury.