Transitional Care

Collaborative care for patients at high risk

Studies show that almost three quarters of repeat hospitalizations could potentially be avoided.  Our program prepares patients and caregivers to more effectively manage changes in health associated with hospitalization and reduce risk and need for re-admission through early mobilization, health monitoring, and family education.


A case management approach in communication with the Referring Professional & Discharge Entity ensures early intervention to establish baseline functional status and prepare an effective interdisciplinary plan of care. 

Objective Mobility Improvement:

LifeCare utilizes objective clinical measures to establish baseline status and report on improvement.  This research-proven approach progressively moves a patient from lower to higher levels of mobility and functional independence. Patient vitals are assessed at each visit with immediate reporting of risk values.


The Program always includes both patients and caregivers in the education process to create customized solutions for long-term self-sustaining care.